A Portrait of the Artist

Architect, urbanist, musician and visual artist has focused his work in the analysis of the algorithms present in nature and in social behaviors. In 1994, he started doing interpretations of mathematical patterns and algorithms from the computer to print media. Since 2002 he has deepened his investigation and conceptualization to focus on the formalization of his work in Generative Art:

Across humanity’s history we have studied natural and social phenomena to then simplify our observations on a mathematical algorithm. Ever since I learned about math I was fascinated by patterns and algorithms. It was natural that my artistic work was impregnated in math, algorithms and patterns.


My intent is to explore the processes and possible results, there it be in visual, spatial, or auditive works, within my aesthetic parameters. Even though a big chunk of my work is based on algorithms, it doesn’t mean it will develop entirely in a digital environment.

His studies in mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence has taken him to formalize his art in non-traditional media, such as web applications, Arduino machines, or even augmented reality. In March of 2019, he was selected by Facebook to participate in their beta program of augmented reality, publishing various filters with his work Libertad Parametrizada.