Aithérios explores the  notion of ethereality as seen through the transformation of our thoughts and memories.

Thoughts that emerge from our foggy inner state coalesce and become concrete by our minds. At the same time, memories that were once so tangible to us eventually fade into the recesses before their eventual oblivion. Thoughts and memories share an intimacy within the labyrinth of the mind, sometimes they work together to cover ground beyond the horizon of what  is understandable.

Aithérios is a continuation of Libertad Parametrizada. At a different angle, it addresses my restless thinking about technological singularity and our role as humans in this new universe.

Libertad Parametrizada was about freedom and constraints of our body, mind and soul. Aithérios is about the intangibility of our thoughts and memories. Is the ethereality of our mind what AI needs to become a human mind? Will AI ever need or want to mimic our foggy processing methods?


Aithérios uses the same 26 color palettes plus B&W strategy used on Libertad Parametrizada. However, in Aithérios color strategies are not limited to only two or three colors from each palette. Matching pairs will be possible for almost all pieces.

Edition size

For every project I work on I make a rough estimate of the possible outcomes based on options and features.

Without considering the possibilities in block orientation and arrangement on the grid, there are over 41 million Aithérios outputs. If we take into consideration the 6,728 possible ways to fully pack an 8×8 grid with domino tiles these outputs will go up to 282 billion. And the 8×8 grid is only one of them, there are 16×16 and 32×32 grids too.

Aithérios will be limited to only 961 pieces of those 282 billion possibilities.


Every single project in Art Blocks is deterministic and resolution independent. That means that it must render identically on every screen. Aithérios is deterministic, resolution independent and also adaptive!

For every single Aithérios token there will be five outputs: vertical display (9:16), vertical print (2:3), square (1:1), horizontal print (3:2) and horizontal display (16:9).

Aithérios will detect the available space and render the best possible version. The elements rendered on the square version will always be the center on the other four formats.

All characteristics such as palette, block corners, background color, padding, block size and block materials are pulled from the transaction hash.

This is an innovative way to take advantage of one of the many native characteristics of generative art and give some flexibility to collectors on how they want to display their pieces.


When I was around 11 or 12 years old I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. At the time I identified myself with Jonathan’s unwillingness to conform and that somehow helped me go through the following years as a teenager.

To me Jonathan is a glitch and so am I. I believe good art feeds on that unwillingness to conform. On Libertad Parametrizada glitches were about hidden exits from a false perception of freedom. In Aithérios, glitches are thoughts and ideas that stand out from society standards.

Enjoy these glitches in live view 🙂

Physical pieces

Giclée prints

As usual, signed museum grade gliclée prints will be available for Aithérios collectors. Only one per token.

12×18″ or 18″x12″
on Hahnemühle Museum Etching
16×24″ or 24″x16″
on Hahnemühle Museum Etching

Aluminium plates

Additionally, there will be airbrushed polyurethane* on 3mm aluminium composite plates over a 9mm support in 32×48″ and 48×72″ vertical and horizontal pieces.

First aluminium composite plate prototype (24×36″)
32×48″ or 48″x32″
on aluminium composite
40×60″ or 60″x40″
on aluminium composite
*Painting or printing process may change to ensure quality

Dutch auction mechanics

For Aithérios project the pricing tiers will follow this non-linear equation:

ETH = 0.25 + 0.01*2**(10-Math.floor(m/10))

Translated from JavaScript this means that the price will adjust every 10 minutes as follows:

Minutes since auction startedPrice in ETH

Dutch auction on Art Blocks have minimized gas wars but I still feel it is a little unfair paying 0.25 ETH to get a piece equal or even better than a collector that minted at 5 ETH. Because I wanted to somehow balance what collectors get for the price they paid, I opened a survey among my twitter followers considering some ways to compensate. These were the results:

What should collectors
minting above 5 ETH get?
Token for my next Art Blocks project17.8%
Free aluminum pieces35.6%
Free giclée prints17.8%
Nothing, life is not fair28.8%
Survey available on Twitter

Based on these results collectors will get:

  • One custom token valid for preminting on my next factory or playground release to each of the first five collectors to mint an Aithérios
  • Free aluminium composite plates or giclée prints to collectors that mint within the first 30 minutes of the auction. Shipping is not included.
  • Free giclée prints to collectors that mint within the first hour since launch. Shipping is not included.
  • After the hour I’ll satisfy those 28.8% that answered “Nothing, life is not fair” 😂