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Leaving a room doesn’t free you, it only shifts you to a newly constrained space. Your freedom is bound by parameters. This is Parametric Freedom.

Mint #18 from Rinkeby testnet

Libertad Parametrizada Art Block’s project is part of a series that started in June 2019. It started as a web app that would let the user create their own piece by modifying colors and geometry parameters.

You can try it out here: https://ledezma.art/lp/?l=en

After this the project unfolded in Instagram filters, Google Maps vandalizations, blindfolded auction for the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Panamá, an Arduino installation and even a tattoo 🙂

Art Blocks, I believe, is the final station for this series but is the start of new projects such as Casco Antiguo Coding School, for what I will be donating a percentage of my proceeds.