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It is possible that we are less than two decades away from the technological singularity, where technology will be able to recursively self-improve. We will probably reach this point before we are even able to comprehend our own behavior, our emotions, and our decisions. It will then be necessary to hand over this search for answers to technological entities with greater capacity.

Across humanity’s history we have studied natural and social phenomena to then simplify our observations on a mathematical algorithm. Ever since I learned about math I was fascinated by patterns and algorithms. It was natural that my artistic work was impregnated in math, algorithms and patterns.

Superposiciones bezier – Dolor Gravitacional (2017) series

My intent is to explore the processes and possible results, there it be in visual, spatial, or auditive works, within my aesthetic parameters. Even though a big chunk of my work is based on algorithms, it doesn’t mean it will develop entirely in a digital environment. Digital media is just that, a medium for art. However, this artistic medium grants us the analysis and the implementation of algorithms much more complex than other media. In this way, the technology I use then returns once again to the paper, a mere instrument in the initial stages of every series. Stages where concepts are developed in virtual formalizations to later be formalized in predominantly analog media.