Brise Soleil II

In Brise Soleil II, I aim to explore concepts such as time, the present, and the now, through the relationship between the sun and architecture.

This project emerges from a certain form of Brise Soleil, a previous series in which I reconstructed the decorative patterns of a sunshade. In this new version, when a piece is in real-time mode, it takes the assigned latitude, date, and time to determine the position of the planet relative to the sun and the position of the piece relative to the globe. In other words, it determines the "here and now" in order to cast shadows on the piece.

Something as inherent to our reality as time comes to life in a digital world, detached from its effects. For a society so obsessed with the future, so accelerated and diluted in the information it consumes, Brise Soleil II inevitably reminds us of the value of the present, leading us to contemplate that hic et nunc (here and now) that constantly casts its shadows. Consider that the same code, when executed, could yield thousands of variations in a second, alternative presents, works that could have been and are, all within the same fragment of time. In the face of this beautiful chaos, this series invites us to contemplation, to balance, to the sophrosyne.

brisesoleil 052