Brise Soleil

As an artist, it is inevitable for me to deconstruct the world around me into layers of light, into patterns that I find among the small details of my everyday life. They are like messages continuously sent to me by the universe.

The series "Brise Soleil" is a product of this habit. During a stroll in Marbella, Panama City, I was captivated by what I initially thought was the brise soleil (sunshade) on the facade of a building. I carried it in my memory and ended up creating an algorithmic reinterpretation of that image: four blocks that manifest themselves according to different probabilities. One vertical, two diagonal, and one blank. The vertical block always has a higher probability of appearing, and these probabilities change depending on the adjacent blocks. Whether through art or science, practically all of reality can be broken down into codes, patterns, and algorithms.

We just need to learn to see it through the right lens.