Libertad Parametrizada

Leaving a room, or even a cell, doesn't set you free. It merely changes the boundaries of the space that confines you.

Freedom is always determined by parameters. "Libertad Parametrizada" (Parametric Freedom) may be the series with the most philosophical implications of my work to date. From its very title, it presents a paradox that implies a search: where do the limits of our freedom lie, as we know it? Is it in society, in the planet, in our bodies, or perhaps in our minds?

The "Libertad Parametrizada" series was born in June 2019 as a web application. The project took on various forms: Instagram filters, Google Maps vandalisms, a blind auction for the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Panama, an Arduino installation, and even a tattoo. The long form generative series with 243 pieces on Art Blocks was, I believe, the final station and the perfect culmination of this journey.